Professional Plaintiff Profits off His Three Phones

Meet Craig Cunningham, a Tennessee man who has three cell phones that he uses to bait businesses.

Cunningham is another example of a “professional plaintiff,” or someone who manufactures lawsuits under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Under this 26-year-old law, which was designed to stop annoying telemarketers from interrupting dinner, plaintiffs can take up to $1,500 per call.

To catch these calls, professional plaintiffs like Cunningham stockpile reassigned phone numbers. All Cunningham needs to do is wait for businesses to call. Since the business has no idea the number was reassigned, it falls right into the trap. For his first lawsuit, he sued a home security company after taking their survey and meeting with an installer to find out exactly who he needed to sue.

Cunningham, unfortunately, is not the only example of a TCPA professional plaintiff. A Pennsylvania woman, for example, admitted last year to using 35 different cell phones to create TCPA lawsuits.

Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2017

A lawsuit claiming that Jelly Belly “deceived” a woman about the sugar in its Sport Beans product – despite a clear content label on its packaging – tops the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform’s (ILR) list of the Top 10 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2017.

Watch the video above to view all the lawsuits.

“Lawsuits like these may be a dream come true for late night comedians, but the toll that abusive litigation takes on our society is no joke,” said ILR President Lisa A. Rickard.

The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2017 were determined based on the 10 most popular stories featured on this Web site.

The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of 2017 are:

  1. ‘Deceived’ by Jelly Beans, Woman Files Lawsuit Against Jelly Belly (San Bernardino County, California)
  2. Man Sues Uber for Ruining His Marriage (France)
  3. ‘Time Clock’ Lawsuit Filed Against Starbucks (California)
  4. Man Trips Over Christmas Tree, Sues (New Milford, New Jersey)
  5. Negligent Handshake Leads to Lawsuit (Palm Beach County, Florida)
  6. Woman Sues Restaurant After Falling Off Popular Donkey Statue (Tallahassee, Florida)
  7. Class Action Lawsuit Over ‘Fake Butter’ (Worcester, Massachusetts)
  8. Man Sues Date for Texting During Movie (Austin, Texas)
  9. 15-Year-Old Sues Mom for Confiscating Phone (Spain)
  10. Woman Sues U.S. Government Over Nacho Cheese Burn (Wichita Falls, Texas)

Lawsuit claims Garden Veggie Straws have no veggies

Garden Veggie Straws claim to have less fat than potato chips, but a lawsuit in federal court against the snack’s maker contends there’s something else Veggie Straws has less of — vegetables.

Two plaintiffs are seeking class action status on behalf of everyone who has purchased Veggie Straws in the last six years.

They allege that the snack contains potato starch and flour, corn starch, tomato paste, and spinach powder.

The suit seeks monetary relief and an injunction against the so-called misleading advertising of Veggie Straws.

Until this ridiculous lawsuit is heard in court, we won’t know if the plaintiff’s case can celery the judge on the merits or if the judge will tell them to … beat it.


Judge tells “vexatious litigant” she’s no longer welcome in court

A judge in Ontario, Canada, has told a woman known for filing frequent lawsuits that she’s no longer welcome in court.

One-time beauty queen, Althea Reyes, has been declared “a vexatious litigant” for her abuse of the court’s process and waste of judicial and public resources.

According to the Toronto Star, Reyes has sued at least 30 people, companies, and organizations since 2011, including men she’s had relationships with, a school board, bank employees, a pawn shop, a dry cleaner, and lawyers who opposed her in court.

Even complete strangers aren’t safe.

She sued one of those, too.

She even tried to sue the Toronto Sun to stop a journalist covering her story from contacting her.

The “vexatious litigate” designation means Reyes now needs to seek the court’s permission before filing any lawsuits.

Survey: Florida’s Lawsuit Climate Again Ranks Among Nation’s Worst

Florida is ranked #46 in the 2017 Lawsuit Climate Survey: Ranking the States survey, falling two spots from its already low 2015 ranking.

Florida scores poorly in all of the key element categories, but particularly with regard to the competence and impartiality of trial judges—where it ranked 48th.

Watch the video above to learn more.