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Lawsuits in the News

Some business owners ignore negative Yelp reviews. Some respond to customers and try to fix the problem. Apparently, some business owners choose a different path — to threaten the reviewers with a lawsuit. As the New York Post reports, “Matt Brand gave Ron Gordon Watch Repair on Madison Avenue two stars in a (Yelp) review…

Hopefully Playboy model Liz Dickson has learned her lesson: Never let someone tee off on a golf ball from your derrière. That lesson, however, came too late, and Dickson is suing for a golf tournament stunt that allegedly went very wrong. Dickson, who won the title of 2011 Girl of Playboy Golf, has filed a lawsuit after…

News10 Sacramento reports on a local man who has been “flagged” by the California court system for filing frivolous lawsuits.  News10 reports that he has “repeatedly gained free access to the courts by concealing his income and assets”: Raghvendra “Raj” Singh, 51, has sued the Sacramento Police Department for towing his parked car on a…

Read the story: News10 Sacramento

A pimp sues NIKE after using shoes as a weapon? A coach sues a 14-year-old Little Leaguer over a celebratory helmet toss? Watch the video above to learn more about February 2014′s Most Ridiculous Lawsuit nominees!

A Colorado man is suing the rescuers that pulled him from his car during a flood last September, saying that he spent two hours in an upside-down car before officials knew he was there.

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