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Lawsuits in the News

A Colorado man is suing the rescuers that pulled him from his car during a flood last September, saying that he spent two hours in an upside-down car before officials knew he was there.

Mickey D’s Napkin Lawsuit

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A California man is suing McDonald’s for $1.5 million, claiming they only gave him one napkin with his order.  He says the incident and the ensuing argument caused “undue mental anguish.”

The Bronx Zoo is facing a lawsuit after a three-year-old boy swallowed a souvenir penny.  The parents say the zoo should have included a warning label.  “There’s a warning sign for everything,” they say.  “Even the hot coffee has a warning sign.”

“Sin City” is chock full of stories of gamblers who lost big — and partiers who had a little too much to drink. One man, however, thinks he shouldn’t have to pay for his gambling losses because he was so drunk, and is suing a Las Vegas casino to recoup his losses. The Associated Press…

“We’re being sued by our child … I’m dumbfounded, so is my wife, so are my other daughters.” Those are the words of former police chief and Lincoln Park, NJ resident Sean Canning. Canning and his wife are being sued by their 18-year-old daughter, Rachel, who claims her parents “kicked her out and demanded she…

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