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Lawsuits in the News

A Nigerian man is allegedly suing the manufacturer of the toothpaste he brushed with for seven years, claiming that he hasn’t able to get any dates despite advertising that shows users attracting women with their fresh breath.

An Oregon pimp serving 100 years in jail for separately beating a john and prostitute is suing Nike for not including warnings on their shoes that they can be used as dangerous weapons.

A Pennsylvania man has filed a lawsuit agains the NFL, saying the San Diego Chargers made it into the playoffs because of a blown call on the last day of the regular season. The plaintiff – “presumably an aggrieved Steelers fan” according to Pro Football Talk, wants the league to suspend the playoffs to replay…

A New Jersey man who paid more than $4,000 for two Super Bowl tickets is suing the NFL over the price, claiming the tickets he bought on the secondary market are too expensive. He wants to turn the case into a class action on behalf of all ticket buyers who paid more than face value…

A California businessman is closing his company in Ventura County due to an onslaught of employee litigation. He’s hardly lamenting the fact that he had to close down, since the state – and trial lawyers – made it too difficult to do business there. And it wasn’t for lack of trying – they brought in…

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