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Lawsuits in the News

News10 Sacramento reports on a local man who has been “flagged” by the California court system for filing frivolous lawsuits.  News10 reports that he has “repeatedly gained free access to the courts by concealing his income and assets”: Raghvendra “Raj” Singh, 51, has sued the Sacramento Police Department for towing his parked car on a…

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A pimp sues NIKE after using shoes as a weapon? A coach sues a 14-year-old Little Leaguer over a celebratory helmet toss? Watch the video above to learn more about February 2014′s Most Ridiculous Lawsuit nominees!

Mickey D’s Napkin Lawsuit

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A California man is suing McDonald’s for $1.5 million, claiming they only gave him one napkin with his order.  He says the incident and the ensuing argument caused “undue mental anguish.”

The Bronx Zoo is facing a lawsuit after a three-year-old boy swallowed a souvenir penny.  The parents say the zoo should have included a warning label.  “There’s a warning sign for everything,” they say.  “Even the hot coffee has a warning sign.”

“We’re being sued by our child … I’m dumbfounded, so is my wife, so are my other daughters.” Those are the words of former police chief and Lincoln Park, NJ resident Sean Canning. Canning and his wife are being sued by their 18-year-old daughter, Rachel, who claims her parents “kicked her out and demanded she…

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