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May 2014
  • 29% 'Fan' sues Buffalo Bills for $3M, claiming 'excessive' text messages. (READ STORY)
  • 18% Two women file federal class action, claiming "slimming" undergarments defective. (READ STORY)
  • 53% NYC class action could lead to petty criminals being paid for community service. (READ STORY)
April 2014
  • 4% Gambler sues casino, says he lost $500k playing ‘blackout’ drunk. (read story)
  • 65% CA man sues McDonald’s for $1.5M, claiming they only gave him one napkin.
    (read story)
  • 31% CO man sues rescuers that pulled him from his car during flood last year.
    (read story)
March 2014
  • 7% Lawsuit Filed over Craigslist Ad that Links to Docket of Past Lawsuits (read story)
  • 18% Siri’s Not Perfect, Lawsuit Claims (read story)
  • 75% NJ Teen Sues Parents, Claiming they Kicked Her Out (read story)
February 2014
  • 16% Man sues NASA for not investigating alien life (read story)
  • 46% Pimp sues NIKE after using shoes as a weapon (read story)
  • 38% Coach sues 14-yr-old Little Leaguer over celebratory helmet toss (read story)
December 2013
November 2013
  • 32% Lawsuit Seeks Employee Wages for Online Reviewers (read story)
  • 38% Parents Sue Hockey Coach For Keeping Son Off Varsity Team (read story)
  • 30% Lawyer Sues Over Bad Review (read story)
October 2013
  • 21% Lawsuit: Church Bells Helped Destroy My Marriage (read story)
  • 27% Volunteer Sues for Wages (read story)
  • 33% Two Years to Toss Suit from Robber Who Sued Shop Owner (read story)
  • 19% Man Bitten by His Dog ‘Havoc’ Sues Kennel (read story)
September 2013
  • 31% NJ courts says text senders can be liable if receiver gets distracted (read story)
  • 14% Free beer should be included in our overtime, says workers’ suit (read story)
  • 26% Diner sued for "busy carpet pattern" (read story)
  • 10% (Supposedly) injured-arm plaintiff posts on Facebook: Can't go to Gym “Til Lawsuit Over” (read story)
  • 19% Lawsuit wants warning labels on flowers – for cats (read story)
August 2013
  • 17% Newly released inmate slips on her way out of jail; sues sheriff’s office (read story)
  • 16% Lawsuit: I can’t play outdated versions of online video games (read story)
  • 59% Man sues Apple for his porn addiction (read story)
  • 8% Steakhouse sued after woman slips on peanut shells (read story)
July 2013
  • 11% Couple sues after improperly using cargo lift as passenger elevator (read story)
  • 20% Police officer sues retailer after he was struck by a shoplifter (read story)
  • 2% Beauty shop employee fired for refusing bikini wax; sues (read story)
  • 67% Inmate sues for $1 trillion over prison food (read story)
June 2013
  • 32% Student kicked off school track team for absences, Dad sues county for $40 million. (read story)
  • 44% Jail inmate murders sleeping cellmate, sues jail staff. (read story)
  • 12% Fitness club member injured after stepping on moving treadmill sues (read story)
  • 12% PGA golfer admits to using banned substance, sues PGA for "humiliation" (read story)
May 2013
  • 13% Restaurant sued when able-bodied customer slips on wheelchair ramp (read story)
  • 26% Man seeks punitive damages due to frog phobia after they swarm his flooded property (read story)
  • 32% AP column: Fan reportedly sues NBA player for sitting out the season with an injury (read story)
  • 29% Cop busted for DUI sues city that fired him after crash (read story)
April 2013
  • 14% Man hit by truck on rotating platform in showroom sues auto dealer (read story)
  • 11% TV doctor sued when home remedy for insomnia goes wrong (read story)
  • 20% Shopper sues department store after walking face first into glass display (read story)
  • 55% Woman suing over “severe and permanent injuries” still able to complete half-marathon (read story)
March 2013
  • 34% Grown man sues parents for their “indifference” to his problems (read story)
  • 20% Lawyers wanted $14 million when their clients only got $3 million (read story)
  • 31% Grad student who received free tuition sues school over grade (read story)
  • 15% Suit blames 24 years of unemployment on IRS for not hiring plaintiff in the 80s (read story)
February 2013
  • 34% Lawsuit claims ‘footlong’ sandwiches come up short (read story)
  • 15% Fan sues NBA team for resting star players (read story)
  • 45% Ohio teacher claims fear of children in suit against district (read story)
  • 6% Suit says boost from energy drinks same as coffee (read story)
January 2013
  • 76% Inmates’ suit blames a life of crime on beer companies (read story)
  • 13% Customer sues restaurant over hostess’ rude comment (read story)
  • 11% Judge awards defendant $9.3 M in costs, but it’s less than half what they spent on lawyers (read story)
December 2012
  • 44% Football fan who signed up for text alerts sues team for sending him 6 per week, instead of the 3 per week he wanted (read story)
  • 46% Homeowners claim their views are ruined by the dunes that saved their home from Superstorm Sandy (read story)
  • 10% Settlement that resulted in $4 payouts for class members called “underwhelming” by judge that reluctantly approved it (read story)
November 2012
  • 4% Serial litigant paid $15,000 to stop filing frivolous lawsuits (read story)
  • 80% Burglar who shot homeowner is suing victim for shooting back (read story)
  • 3% Biker sues state after hitting panther on the highway (read story)
  • 13% Prisoners $500M suit over lack of dental floss (read story)
October 2012
  • 41% Inmate who went to jail with 5 teeth sues prison for dental problems (read story)
  • 6% Lawyer sued by opposing counsel who slapped him (read story)
  • 20% Man who ruined his $73K pool table sues manufacturer for ‘hiding’ warnings in instruction manual (read story)
  • 33% Jury awards $7 million in ‘popcorn lung’ lawsuit (read story)
September 2012
  • 27% Football fans sues team over hot bench (read story)
  • 24% California restaurateur sued over parking lot he doesn’t own (read story)
  • 27% Bottle maker sued when longneck used as weapon in bar fight (read story)
  • 22% $1.7 billion suit claims wireless parking meters causing health problems (read story)
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