Cutting Asbestos with Someone Else’s Product

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We purchased a trade name in 1983 from a bankrupt public corporation and have been making grinding and cutting wheels since that time. Sometime between the late 30s and late 70s, the plaintiff was a pipe fitter, who cut asbestos.

We are being sued because the former owner of the trade name did not warn not to cut asbestos with the product. This lawsuit has 8,500 different company names and individual names listed, from little companies like ours to large companies like auto manufacturers. I turned this over to my insurance company first and then was informed that I have an asbestos exclusion in my policy. I imagine I should have looked for such a thing, but, since we never have sold or made anything containing asbestos, it was not a priority. Now we have to pay for our own defense in such a ridiculous suit.


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