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I was the driver of a vehicle struck by a drunk driver who was travelling wrong direction on a highway.  My passenger was injured and has never returned to work although he is fully capable.  I am being sued now by my passenger. I come to find out this individual sued another co-worker for running over his foot and used pictures from my accident as evidence.  He also had a mysterious house fire while all of his antiques were out getting refinished.  He now has a house on the lake about 4 times as big as his old one.  Is there any way to put an end to this chronic suing and raping of the insurance system?


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  • Guilty by association? If he’s such a low life, then why was he ever with you? I see you admit your passenger was injured, but can’t understand why he’s suing. MAYBE IT’S YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY? I hope your passenger can’t identify your post because you’ve basically accused him of insurance fraud. If everything you say is true, then YOU can “put an end to this chronic suing and raping of the insurance system.”

  • If he actually used pictures from his injuries in your accident to prove they were from another accident, this is insurance fraud and you should report him to your state insurance commissioner or attorney general.

    Didn’t your passenger sue the drunk driver?

  • Or maybe, Daniel, it isn’t his insurance company pushing him – it’s a personal injury trial lawyer. Just like you are.
    Maybe they are temping him with “we can get you a large settlement if you work with one of our tough smart attorneys”, or, “you need someone on YOUR side against the insurance company”. The fine print: All it will cost you is 30% + reasonable costs. Here’s teh reality: $150 per hour for a junior staffer is not ‘reasonable’.

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