If it weren’t happening to me, I wouldn’t believe it

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I would not believe this could happen IF it weren’t happening to me.

I moved to Ohio in 2000 when I got married. I thought my prayers were answered. We had a beautiful place to live and bring up kids and grandkids on a lake. In 2003, I was sent a letter by an attorney. A neighbor had claimed:

  • Our deck blocks their view of the lake, but the deck was put on some 15 years ago.
  • That I throw dog poo in people’s yards.
  • That the swing set installed by my husband’s grandfather around the 1930’s was theirs too because they enjoyed it for so many years and we had no right to remove it.
  • That my trees block their view of the lake.
  • That I am rude to people.
  • That we are over here killing each other. (This was one of several unexpected visits from the local Sherriff. We in fact were playing Yatzee with the kids.)

I could go on and on. This is not a joke. It is happening, and it’s costing us our livelihood. It has cost us well over $10,000 to protect our family, our property and our rights. This has emotionally and financially drained us. I have been afraid to go outside as the neighbor who put this together has spit on me, chased me down on a rider mower, and has 400 plus pictures of me and my friends and family and our property. Yet he is suing me??


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  • I’m sorry you and your family are going through this mess. As a personal injury trial lawyer, I would just like for you to remember that the lawyer your family is fighting is getting paid by the hour, unlike how we get paid. The lawyer your neighbor is using is abusing the system more than any personal injury lawyer could ever and he/she’s getting paid upfront to do it. I’m sorry.

  • Based upon the actions of your neighbor (specifically, spitting upon you) you should have him arrested for battery. You may also be able to to get a Repeat Violence Injunction against him. The law can protect you.

  • Daniel,
    Your claim that an hourly attorney abuses the system more than a personal injury lawyer is jaw-dropping. I should sue you because I laughed so hard it hurt my stomach and caused me stress. Seriously?! And you wonder why people have a low impression of attorneys? Read your post again – it will give you a clue. When a personal injury lawyer takes 30% plus “expenses” (and adds 20% to the cost of the postage used to mail the invoice) and then fights with all their might to settle with the insurance company instead of actually seeing a judge and courtroom, THAT, my friend, is abusing a system.

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