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By the end of 2009, unemployment in Michigan reached 15 percent. While neighboring businesses in Bay City lay off employees or close their doors, Richard Singer and his father are working hard to keep their small business afloat.

“Any time an entrepreneur decides to go into business for himself, he’s incurring a lot of risk, and the rewards are not guaranteed by any means,” Singer says. “When you throw in the additional risk of lawsuits and their potential cost, it has a serious effect on the economic engine of this country.”

In 2006, one the company’s neighbors – who had filed 23 previous lawsuits in the county – sued Acra Cast, the Singer family business. Acra Cast, with about 15 employees, is a small foundry, which designs and creates precision metal castings ranging from sculptures to machine parts.

The plaintiff alleged that emissions from the foundry had contaminated his cars, his carpet, and the siding of his house. Singer’s business has always been in full compliance with all environmental regulations. As the case proceeded, Singer learned that the plaintiff did not even own some of the cars for which he wanted compensation, and he had disposed of the carpets and cleaned the house siding before any evidence could be collected. From the samples they could collect, Singer explains that he and his lawyers eventually discovered that the gritty material on the plaintiff’s car could not have been caused by the wax burned at Acra Cast. It contained metal shavings and paint globules, Singer says, and was likely the result of parking near an auto body shop.

Even so, the case dragged on for almost three years, and Acra Cast had to pay for the suit out of pocket. Knowing he had not caused this damage, Singer refused to settle out of court, and he was forced to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees before the case was eventually dismissed in 2009.

These expenses, says Singer, burdened his business at a time of extreme hardship. The economy in Michigan and the fact that several of his clients have recently gone out of business meant that profit margins were dangerously narrow. He even had to lay off several of his employees.

“It’s one thing to run a business and to put up with the pain and the hard work associated with that,” Singer says. “It’s an entirely different subject to have someone come in, walk in off the street and – short of putting a gun to your head – try to steal money from you.”


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  • The sick people filing such law suits should be required to post a bond for treble the amount they are seeking before they suit can proceed. If the judge/jury finds in favor of the defendant, he/she/it would receive the proceeds from the plaintiff’s bond in addition to having all legal and other fees paid by the plaintiff. This would substantially reduce the number of frivolous law suits.

    Of course there are many who file legitimate suits and a means of “bypassing” the substantial bond for filing could be found. But anyone with a history of filing numerous suits would NOT be entitled to such a “bypass”.

    Making an effort to destroy relevant material that could bring into question the defendant’s liability before the defendant, in a reasonable time, could study said material, would be cause for a verdict in favor of the defendant. Again, reasonable actions by the defendant to make all efforts to respond to suit and study the materials, etc. would be essential to his defense.

  • Thanks for sharing this story. We posted this up on our site to show our readers and followers how ridiculous frivolous lawsuits have become in this country.

  • Unbelievable. Times are tough, sure, but this is a time where trivial suits like this only costs more money for everyone. If the plantiffs filing these claims put as much effort into getting jobs themselves or working, they would be making much more than if they were to win or settle one of these claims.

  • I have owned several bussiness’ but got tired of insurance compan’s getting most of the profit’s. Let’s get a group going to maybe fight these :GOLD DIGERS!!! It’s legal unarmed robbery and theft.

  • Since most politicians are lawyers and heavily influenced by the powerful and rich trial lawyer lobby, how can we expect any relief from this societal destructive problem. Redress in real issues yes, but abuse should be a punishable by law, if found to be the case. Courts need to be reformed so lay people have a say in decisions. Not qualified? From what is coming out of court room judges these days, I would say they are more qualified. How do we address greed and avarice which is so common among, not only lawyers, but the population in general. Integrity seems to have taken an extended vacation and people, especially the highly litigious, see lawsuits as a sort of Lotto game. I see only bad things ahead. SSNarwhal

  • Then the left wonders why businesses move out of the country. Of course a vast majority of trial lawyers are on the left. Those legislators on the left will never go against the support they get from the trial lawyers. Since most legislators are attorneys themselves they want to keep a rich market available for their own law suits when they are ot of politics. If the Republicans had any guts they would have taken care of the situation when they had a chance. Go Tea Party! Fulty

  • We are not getting the whole story here.
    We, as Americans, are guaranteed the constitutional right to sue.
    A judge allowed the suit to be heard.
    If we want tort reform, then we have to make the whole process open to public scrutiny, which would include making judges explain why they hear a case like this knowing that the plaintiff had filed 23 other suits previously, and knowing that the defendant was in compliance with the relevant environmental laws.

  • In this case, as well as the previous 23, the lawyer that broujght the frivolous suit should be ordered to pay the Singer’s lawyers bills. If this was done, we would have less and less of these junk kind of lawsuits.
    What a shame on the American way of life that our judicial system has slumbed this low!

  • You all should be ashamed of yourselves. I have never brought a lawsuit but I am not so stupid to believe that lawsuits do not serve a societal good. There are plenty of small business owners who care less about safety and the welfare of people. Through their unscroupulus tactics they cause real injury to people. Is there the ocassional case of lawsuit abuse? I am sure. But my research shows that the majority of lawsuits are for real injuries caused by people who think they do not have to follow the rules. If I was a betting man I would say that you are a schill for some self serving right wing group. Go fool the sheep, but beware the sheep are on to you and your ilk.

  • After the case was dismissed in your favor, was the man charged with attempted fraud? If they faced charges if their claim is unfounded or fraudulant, I don’t believe a lot of the cases would be filed…..especially the 24 this man had previously filed

  • I am also a victim of lawsuit abuse in California. A sleezy attorney got a hold of one of my “blank” display giftcards and demanded the waitress to give him $100 cash for it.
    Then he E-mailed me and demanded $500.00 and then $1000.00 and then $10,000.00. My attorney calls this “extorsion”. So far I have paid my attorney $5000.00 to defend me because
    a law suit was filed against me for unfair business practice. We need tort reform now!!!

  • TO SSNarwhal – you said in post #6, 12/20/09, that “most politicians are lawyers” which is not true. In fact, very few politicians are lawyers – that is a common misconception. However, I am a lawyer and as a lawyer, I will tell you that I agree – the system is corrupt. Although I spent most of my adult life in a career other than the law, I have been a lawyer now for about fifteen years. Most lawyers, in my opinion, will justify their actions (i.e., sell their soul for $$$) by hiding behind “I have an absolute duty to my client” which is garbage. The Rules of Professional Conduct absolutely prohibit a lawyer from bringing frivilous lawsuits, however, in my experience, they are brought all the time. The only way to get rid of this corruption is to totally reform the system. This means that judges AND lawyers MUST be held accountable – more than the so-called accountability of the election booth for the judges, and more than simply relying on the state’s attorney licensing system for lawyers. The truth is, once a person is elected or appointed to a judgeship, it is almost impossible to get rid of that person. The system of judges/lawyers is a “country club” and if you want to get a key to the club you have to play by their rules and not rock the boat. They take care of each other and only those most eggregious violations – or those committed by persons who don’t “toe the line” – are truly investigated by the Judicial Tenure Commission or the Attorney Grievance Commission and followed up on. And to the inevitable lawyer or judge who responds to this post – no, I have never been investigated or disciplined by the state or anyone else. The people must take back control by forcing political change and political change will only begin when we get rid of the party system. In other words – get rid of “Democrat” or “Republican” party tags. Once PEOPLE have to state what THEY stand for in order to be elected to office, instead of simply marching in lock step with a political party platform, we will have a system that reflects the true will of the MAJORITY instead of a system that protects political PARTIES and their “loyal followers.” Only then will we return to a system where people who are truly interested in serving their fellow citizens, rather than becoming someone rich and powerful. Someone who will truly do what is best for their community rather than what is best for their political party. This includes the legal system.

  • Why didn’t the reporter of this story give us the neighbor’s side of the story? Our laws already permit the award of fees and costs for defending against frivolous law suits. Is there a reason why they were not awarded in this case if the law suit was so tenuous?

  • K Carl Harrell’s idea about bonds is a good one. Or at a minimum plaintiffs in cases where they sue for money should have to pay the defendant’s court costs. Fraudulent lawsuits cost all of us in the form of higher insurance premiums, and higher product and service costs. And it costs business owners like the Singers dearly.

    Claude, you say we are not getting the full story here. The plaintiff has filed 23 lawsuits and you think there is a snowball’s chance in hell that he’s not looking for a free ride?!

  • Thanks to you Fox News for putting this out. I live in this community, and indeed the owner of Acra Cast is spot on. It is very frustrating to watch the country turn in the wrong direction. The foundation of the building being built right now is weak and it will eventually fold. Hang in there all you entrepreneurs, I am…
    Great Article….

  • Physicians have been dealing with frivolous lawsuits like these for years. Many a physician has lost all that he/she has worked for during their entire career due to some ridiculously frivolous lawsuits or a series of them. Of course, one of the biggest lobbies for the Democratic Party is the Trial Lawyers Union; the Democrats consistently block all efforts at any significant tort reform for their lawyer friends. I sincerely doubt that this will ever change, since congress is evidently no longer responsive to the desires of its citizenry, unless the citizens take exceedingly strong measures to ensure that their are not taxed without representation!

  • Most of our legal system is borrowed from British common law. It’s a shame their practice of making the litigant pay the court costs of the defendant in a losing or thrown out law suit. This would stop a lot of this. Getting this reform will be very difficult. The ABA and the trial lawyer lobbyists are very powerful. Electing a truly reform minded congress would be the only way. Will see what happens in 2010.

  • This case, and others like it, are an absolute outrage. Not only is this something that should never have happened in the first place, it is something that should have stopped happening at all years ago. Listen, there comes a point in a process — much like those processes that lead to the place where we now find ourselves with the IRS — when you determine, as the late J. Paul Getty once said, “that a deal has gone sour, take your lumps, and get out.”

    Just as the IRS should have already been abolished, and the entire tax code doused in gasoline in an open parking lot and set ablaze, the backs of attorneys taking these kinds of cases should have already been broken like toothpicks. No discussion. No “tort reform.” Just end it. Raise the level of public and congressional outrage to the point that the cases simply cease. Judges refuse to hear them. Attorneys, knowing what will happen, refuse to file them when “clients” like this clown show up at the front door.

    We must reach a point like a small town reported in Reader’s Digest did years ago, when a man moved to town and decided that he would make money selling photos of 16-year-old girls in the nude. One day — without a lawsuit, or an arrest warrant, or an attorney of any kind — the man opened his door one day, and urinated in his own pants…..

    ….when the entire town, of several thousands of residents, showed up in front of his home, and in every possible place that a person could stand, in yards and streets for as far as the eye could see, and the spokesman said to him: “You aren’t welcome here anymore. Get out of our town.” He left in a matter of hours, with little or none of his belongings. Case closed.

    That’s what we need in America today, a new sense of rage that says, “We have had enough of this nonsense.” Left to the attorneys — who profit heavily from it — it wil never, ever change. But if we stop electing attorneys to high office, and take our own government back again, yes, it can change.

    This has to stop NOW. Not after Senate sub-committee meetings, not after town halls, not after studies by commissions.

    This has to stop NOW. We have to put the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform out of business, not because they are a bad organization, but in a context where they are no longer needed. I’m sure, under the right circumstances, they would be happy to close their doors.

  • We’re in Michigan….land of Granholm, unions ( union members excepted), special interests, corruption, high spending, punitive taxes, liberalism and big government, and apparently, a lot of stupid or uneducated voters who don’t know and don’t know they don’t know. And the plaintiffs Bar is one of the strongest lobbyists among the special interests. Instead of being deported back to Canada, Granholm will probably be rewarded with a big cabinet, no, czar position. Michigan has earned it’s 15% unemployment rate!

    How about Robert Bobb for Governor?

  • This whole group, and this website, is ridiculous. Make no mistake, these stories are solely intended to make people trade away their constitutional rights so that wealthy companies can get richer.

    I am willing to bet that the company in question had insurance and that they didn’t pay one dollar of those legal fees. If their lawyers were smart, they would have filed a Motion for Summary Judgment and got the case thrown out.

    The reason those factories are closed is because foreign labor is cheaper, not because of lawsuits.

    Lawyers don’t want bad lawsuits. Why? Because they can’t make any money on them! Every “reform” this website promotes would limit damages for LEGITIMATE lawsuits.

    If you want to live in a world where only rich people and big companies have access to the Courts, listen to the crap this website promotes. If you want reality, stop by a local plaintiff’s firm and talk to a lawyer about some of their active cases. See if you disagree about whether the lawsuit is legitimate.

  • Are there bad lawyers? Yes! Are there bad Judges? Yes! However, that’s not the primary problem. The primary problem is the fact that under present law there is no down side to the filing of such frivolous lawsuits. It all boils down to the math.

    At present there are thousands of lawsuits filed every day across America that have a snowballs chance in hell of succeeding on the merit of the claims. The problem is that every lawyer knows that 95% of all such civil lawsuits are settled out of court. They are settled because sooner or later, everyone does the math. The defendant may be faced with the choice of paying $50,000 to settle a frivolous lawsuit or paying three or four times that amount to fight that frivolous lawsuit. If the defendant chooses to fight and in fact wins, there is no hard and fast rule of law that makes the plaintiff or more importantly the plaintiff’s attorney who eagerly prosecuted that frivolous lawsuit liable for the costs, expenses and attorney fees of the prevailing defendant.

    So the question then becomes what would you do if you found yourself in such a situation? Pay or fight? I don’t know the exact percentage but I do know that the majority of all legislators in both state and federal government are in fact attorneys and they are the ones who make our laws. The probability that our attorney legislators are going to pass legislation that would in effect shoot off the proverbial foot of their fellow attorneys is slim and none. The plaintiffs as well as the defendants in these kind lawsuits are just pawns used to enrich the attorneys on both sides of such lawsuits.

    When a law is passed that emphatically states (no ifs, ands, buts or maybes) you lose, you pay! Be you a plaintiff who asserted a frivolous claim or a defendant who asserted a frivolous defense to a legitimate claim, you lose, you pay! Now take that one step further and make the attorneys liability equal to that of their clients and thousands of such frivolous lawsuits would vanish from the court’s dockets overnight.

    Unless and until that happens, this type of court sanctioned extortion will not only continue, it will get much worse.

  • A “loser pays” system – as they have in Canada, is an effective tool in discouraging frivolous lawsuits, as the loser is responsible for the lion’s share of the other party’s legal costs.

    I believe John Stossel, when he was with, 20/20 did an expose on on frivolous lawsuits a few years ago.

  • Cut to the chase people when someone files a suite on your company turn right around and file one on them for everything they own. and put a lien on them for future value and make sure your Atty. lets every one in the area know about it run a ad in your Loc paper. Lets see $ 1.1Mill law suite just because she burned her self in the bath tub Hot water heater set at 108 norm is 120 come to find out she added hot water from Mic-wave well well she had 1 car worth 8,000 1,220 in savings and a 401 worth 3,000 so we went after it and her for 50,000 in paper work it said. We want your 401 your car and your savings see you in Court have a great day.
    WoW 7 days later guess what happen oh by the way my fees cost 6,250 guess who got a judgment and lien. LOL

  • No doubt, any lawyer who would take on a case for someone who had already filed so many suits, is a scumbag. That’ s how lawyers get this reputation, by not having morals themselves.

  • The Federal courts have “Rule 11 for this purpose and believe me it works. All jurisdiction should adopt it because if the plaitfiff can’t pay the sanctions of attorney’s fees and cost the attorney of record has too under threat of losing their law licence

  • It’s probably no good to counter sue. You have to prove the fool knew the stuff on the cars/siding/carpet was not from the casting company. Probably can’t sue for much. He probably has little money and the lawyers fees would cost more than the return. Suing is a time consuming business, it’s not their business unlike the other person, they are trying to cast parts and keep their business running in a recession, not spend all days in court.

  • I worked for an attorney for a year. I learned that many times, these suits come before a different judge each time. That is why the judge does not know of the 23 previous suits.


  • While these gentlemen paint a sympathetic picture, I have to wonder why they had so much expense since prudent businessmen buy liability insurance to defend them. Also, according to the Michigan Legislature’s website, that state’s law includes: “600.2591 Frivolous civil action or defense to civil action; awarding costs and fees to prevailing party; definitions.

    Sec. 2591.

    (1) Upon motion of any party, if a court finds that a civil action or defense to a civil action was frivolous, the court that conducts the civil action shall award to the prevailing party the costs and fees incurred by that party in connection with the civil action by assessing the costs and fees against the nonprevailing party and their attorney.” If so, they have a remedy.

  • As long as trial attorneys are allowed to make contributions to elected judge’s campaign funds, these clearly unmerited lawsuits will make it past summary judgment. Face it, we do not have an independent judiciary – it is suborned, as are the elected politicians who receive copious amounts of “contributions” to their campaign funds. Unfortunately the country of opportunity for all has turned into the country of opportunity for the slothful, avaricious and perfidious. They all receive maximum benefits. For the 48% of people who work in the private sector supporting the 52% of government workers and the recipients of social “programs”, the mendicants, lazy, deficient and others legitimate and not, there is only one program – taxes – with the added ignominy of the lawsuit greed.

  • After 23 suits it is clear this is just legal stalking to harrass. Singer should file suit for all costs and damages associated with all 23 suits. I think he has a good shot at recoverery with 23 failed pointless suits filed against him by the same party. Would definately make this false filer take notice and put them on the defense and out of pocket for a change.

  • Simple solution: “loser pays” tort reform. You must be sure enuogh of your case before you sue someone that you are willing to pay the defense and court costs if you lose.

    Of course, we will probably never see this common-sense system put into place, as Democrats oppose it – and guess which group’s political donations go almost entirely to Democrats? Why golly gee, it’s the trial lawyers. What a surprise.

  • Our system is broken and the lawyers are the only ones making a profit. The one who files the lawsuit and it is dismissed or loses should have to pay for all court costs and lawyer fees. That would stop a lot of silly lawsuits. Things like this are tying up the courts and, again, just making the lawyers rich.

    This is like the lady who sued McDonalds because she got burnt with hot coffee because the cup did not have a warning on it….HELLO…..coffee is hot!!! or the guy who got injured while breaking into a house….he won is law suit…rediculous. They should outlaw lawyer advertising….websites like…Who can is sue.com…and so forth. This is now how the law was suppposed to be used.

  • Let’s all get the records straight. All legal professions in most every state in the United States requires an individual or business to be licensed by a branch of the state government. All except one! Attorney’s are not licensed by any branch of the state government. No the bar association is not a licensing bureau of any branch of government. When you turn the fox lose in the hen house, what do you expect? The system is in dire need of repair. Attorneys not licensed by any branch of state government is no different than your brain surgeon operating on you with a degree or license. Under the orginal constitution of the United States, attorneys can only represent those who are a ward of the court. We the people have allowed this mockery to take place. Want to fix the system? Put it on the ballot, all attorneys will need to be licensed and monitored by a branch of the state government. If then an attorney screws up, or misrepresents you in a case, you “SUE” the attorney for shotty services.

  • The US is the only industrialized nation in the world that does not have a “loser pays” requirement in the tort system. Democrat lawmakers (and their trial-lawyer money machine) at the state & federal levels have torpedoed & killed off every effort to pass the requirement. If made into law, the “loser-pays” requirement would put a quick halt to the legal slot machine known as the civil courts and end ths “contingency-fee” crapshoot for under-employed attourneys!

  • Actually, the majority of lawmakers ARE attorneys. This country desperately needs tort reform as well as a requirement that the loser pay all costs of litigation.
    Class Action lawsuits are the most egregious example of corporate greed of big law firms. Take the lawsuit against WRGrace for the asbetos related insulation in houses on Indian reservations. The class action lawsuit netted hundreds of millions for the attorneys but the average family only received $300. The average cost of taking out the deadly substance in each house was over $10,000.
    I cringe every time I see the law firm advertisements on TV, “did you use… (medical device), did you take (medicine), etc. No wonder health care costs are outrageous.

  • What we are witnessing are the repercussions of a loss of societal and family values. Somehow we’ve traded our expressions of right and wrong for political correctness. There was a time when we were taught responsibility and accountability for ourselves. Now, so many take no responsibility, choose to blame other, and in many cases profit from it. Until we as a society are willing to return to and fight for the values that made this great nation: Hard Work, Honesty, and Responsibility; nothing will change. I’m curious to know how many in those areas expressed their disgust to the plantiffs. That’s where we start. We as a society determined our future and the behavior of out citizens.

  • There absolutely has to be legislation that protects consumers, children, and citizens against sociopaths. This is again another example of the the effect they have on our society.

  • People who bring about lawsuits like this are greedy, cowardly, and immature who have to have a mommy daddy lawyer to hide behind instead of facing you like an adult.


    How’s that?!!!
    Think about it?
    As you can see, we are fully within our rights to claim such a case……… Our constitution clealy states WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HEARD.

  • i lawyers didnt work for free until there was a settlement this would happen alot less. Or like our friends in the UK if you bring a BS case to court and it gets dismissed YOU pay for everyone’s legal fees. Has anyone here been called to be a juror lately. Court is dragged out on purpose. Then the judge, DA and lawyers play golf on sunday smoke an expensive cigar and drink expensive whiskey and all drive home buzzed with no worries. yes im bitter.

  • There is a portion of the population who make a living off lawsuits, unscrupulous lawyers who care nothing for justice or the truth but just winning the case and sharing in the award. Then there are the perennial misfits, those, who like many others, game the system and live off the efforts of others. Plaintiff pays all costs should be the “law” in these frivolous lawsuits.

  • Look as long as business men can’t be charged for theft when they rip off costumers I can,t support change I had a friend ripped of last month by a repair shop what is her recourse but complain to the BBB or sue.

    Also in this case any type of Metal working shop is dirty work and if you look at the shop you can see the dust stop trying to beat the system and using the court to get out of your obligations.

    Also at the start of the video you showed the vacant buildings buy or rent one and move the shop to an industrial area.

    These Guys look like Rich people who would do anything to defend there way even when they are wrong – my suggestion pay up.

  • What can we all do to cause a class action lawsuit forcing tort reform? Our political representatives are mostly lawyers, the judges are all lawyers, we just went through this with health reform and got nowhere. The system sucks and we need to change it

  • I think like the rest of you think that the person bringing on the frivolous suit should pay all of the expenses of the person they are trying to sue and maybe those jerks will start taking notice when the money has to come out of their pockets. Then you will probably see them file for bankruptcy. What a shame this world has come to this. Then you have those out there that make a living on law suits. You should be ashamed of yourself and god will judge you in the end for lying.

  • For those of you who think that those Frivolous Lawsuit statutes help in this situation. WRONG. I had years of such a suit when finally it was dismissed with predjudice. The guy could not legally refile. HOWEVER, if I filed a claim that this had been a frivolous lawsuit against him it would reopen the original suit that had been dismissed! HOW DOES THAT HELP?

  • The guy who brought the suit found a lawyer who would do this. I don’t know how much the lawyer charged him, but I hope he had to pay a pretty penny himself, because it seems like he’s in the “business” of profiting by harming business. He probably took the lawyer’s fees as a “business deduction” on his taxes. The sad thing is, when people without money are truly harmed, they have no recourse in the legal system. But when someone who can afford to pay a lawyer’s expensive fees comes along and falsely claims harm, it hurts everyone.

  • Every other country in the world has what’s called “Loser pays” and it doesn’t mean damages. It means if you decide to pursue a lawsuit, and you lose it, you pay LEGAL fees IN ADDITION to the settlement. And don’t start crying liberal or conservative or Tea Party because they are all in cahoots. This country won’t change until the apathetic citizens rise up and do something!

  • i have the reverse story. i bought a condo with a guy years ago. he moved back to the southwest and stopped making mortgage payments. stupidly, i left him on the mortgage, because each time i tried to take him off, my credit or income or both was not sufficient to take it on myself. i asked my mother several times to put her name on it, but she refused. i payed the mortgage for 16 and a half years without his help, even though his name was on it. meanwhile, i collected rent payments from my renter, took the entire interest deduction. he got neither, because he never made a mortgage payment for all those years. in 2006, when the market peaked, he came after me for half the appreciation, which was over $200,000 at market value. i felt he should get an apportioned amount of what he paid in, which was about $10,000 in payments for the two years he was there, plus a profit of $20,000. I though this was fair. He refused. So, i ended up suing him to partition him off the mortgage. My attorney even agreed that he get nothing. after doing research, we determined that he had rights to a full 50 percent. We settled on him getting $70,000, and i paid the closing costs and my attorney fees for the suit, which was another $10,000. So, my mortage went from the $65,000 remainder before the suit, back up to $160,000 to cover the refinance and pay him off. For years i felt betrayed by the system, but i eventually realized that, through my own stupidity and lack of knowledge of contracts, i did it to myself. Lesson: don’t put anyone else on your mortgage….

  • @36. Hey Bill Smith… wrong wrong wrong. Lawyers in every state are licensed by a branch of state government. Last I checked, the judicial branch was a constitutionally created co-equal branch of the state government with the power to license, regulate, and if needed disbar lawyers. Facts make better arguments than ignorant rants. Yes,we need reform of the legal system, but first you need to get your facts straight so we can affect the change we seek.

  • Should make it legal to sue not only the plaintiffs, but also the lawyers who represent these crooks…that would cut down on these “junk” lawsuits.

  • i agree! after the first time of winning a lawsuit it is appealed i think the winning side should get paid for all the costs and all money lost due to the trial

  • So, the case proceeded to trial with no criminal charges being filed against the defendant? And it proceeded with no evidence whatsoever being produced other than hearsay? Sounds like the courts should be held accountable (along with the judge (judges).

    It also sounds like someone should hunt down the plantiff and break his kneecaps and his elbows.

  • Lawyers are the only ones that win with these frivolous lawsuits. They should lose their license or pay a fine and that will discourage the constant jabbing at hard working, job creating businessmen. So what is the answer? The government is run by lawyers who are notorious for protecting themselves.

  • I tried to post this to my facebook with comments in your favor…but it would not let me….good luck you guys….

  • So the problem here is there are people like Robert Miller who are victims and think they are owed something. This is exactly the problem with those who sue.. they can’t make their money on their own merits. Tort reform is a MUST and needs to happen immediately. No lawyer should be allowed to offer “pro bono” services for civil litigation! Crap like this makes america a JOKE! STOP THE INSANITY!

  • The most aggressive abuser of all is Legal Aid. They have unlimited funding and monitor themselves. Believe me we know, we were sued by them on behalf of our renter who claimed that “she owned our property in her heart” Even though she knew “in her mind” she didn’t. It took us 3.5 years to get our property back. Yes we were forced to pay for all her and her adult children’s bills . Legal Aid stalled, delayed, you name it, Our attorney told us their plan was to “run us out of money to force a settlement. We were drained financially. During the lawsuit the party destroyed the house- to date this has cost us over $70,000. There goes our retirement and the kids college.

  • Yes, judges become very angry when you let them know that you are going to stand up for the truth. At this point, if they feel negatively towards you, they may start using their discretionary powers to bitch slap you.

  • This is why these large stores have video cameras. it’s not to see who is stealing merchandise, it’s to scout for those who seek lawsuit income. If some robs a store and takes with them 200 dollars worth of things, then yes it’s gonna suck but the store is only losing 200 dollars. If some one who gets lawsuit income walks into the store and purposefully injures themselves so they can make a case for x1000 the amount that subject A got away with, then the store is in dire trouble. This is also why skaters aren’t allowed in so many areas. If they get injured you already know mom and dad are gonna blame someone else instead of their child.

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