Tort Reform and the Economy

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My story is very minor compared to any others.  However, I see commercial after commercial of lawyers telling people the “deserve” to be paid for anything from a minor accident to illness to doctors and medicine.  Tort reform is badly needed. But virtually all of our politicians are attorneys, so that need is glossed over and will never happen – unless we, as concerned citizens, begin making some civil noise. 

I merely rolled into a vehicle at a red light. I insisted on a police report and the officer himself wrote on his report that there was no damage to either car and no injuries.  About 2 weeks later, I got a call from my insurance company saying that the person had sued for injuries and damages. I showed them my car and the insurance agreed they wouldn’t pay. But, instead of going to court, they paid the other person $1,000.00.  It was sometimes in the 90’s. I don’t even remember the date now. But I remember my insurance payments were increased until the money was paid. 

Tort reform and lawyer actions are crucial to our present economic crisis.


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  • I totally agree and am facing the same frustration. I thought of talking to our delegate representative to see about legislation that would bring about whoever brings the lawsuit against someone and it goes to court, if that plaintiff doesn’t win their case then they have to pay the defendents costs.
    But as you said our reps. are mostly attorneys so why would they want to legislate something that will hinder the attorney business???
    But lets keep talking about it and keep pushing is what we should do.
    thanks for listening.

  • Unfortunately the plaintiffs’ bar (plainitffs’ attorney organizations) in many states are extremely powerful lobbies. California has this problem, and as a defense attorney (I defend companies in employee-related lawsuits), I find it very frustrating! They are constantly effective in changing the laws in ways that open up the floodgates for more civil lawsuits.

  • Melody, in all states the loser does pay the court costs of the other party. As for attorney’s fees, that’s another issue. Unlike Ms. Williams’ clients who have unlimited resources to pay attorneys like her and her partner, the employees of the companies her firm represents don’t have the disposable cash to hire an attorney at $300 per hour.

    Let’s call a spade a spade, ask Ms. Williams or her law partner what would happen to her law practice if there was no litigation. She would be out of business also.

    I guarantee if they weren’t lawyers and their employers didn’t pay them overtime, they wouldn’t sit back and do nothing. Employers complain that they have to pay their employees what’s required by law.

    Don’t forget when these laws went into effect.

  • I agree with the comments about the need for tort reform and realize that the lawyer-legislators will never allow it. It might be necvessary to create a petition drive to force an amendment to the state constitution providing that the losers must pay all costs to eliuminate the many bad lawyers who file lawsuits and then take a fee to drop the suit. It is ridiculous and needs to be resolved.

  • In as much as, I am still in College. I don’t claim to know, anything about everything nor ever expect to…but there is hope here!

    My thought that “reform” is not needed as much in the Laws, as is, the use of them as written.
    The “Click”, who knows who, and even bias of the Judge to anyone with an attorney, is what is clear to me.
    When a police officer is a police officer, and a Judge is a Judge…then there may be hope again for all.

  • @ “Bob Hutzler…”

    How is this ethical? Or, is it?

    “bad lawyers”, “taking a fee”…wouldn’t that fall under “un-ethical” practice of the law?

    I feel, when I am in court that it is who knows who, more than the law. This is more offen then not.
    Any way to “help” prevent this…in our real world that is?

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