Cheerleaders’ lawsuit against Seneca dismissed

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A pair of Missouri cheerleaders that were kicked off their team after allegations of cyber-bullying have sued the school district, saying their constitutional rights were violated. A court recently dismissed the suit with prejudice.

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  • Actually, I’m going to agree with the plaintiffs on this one. More and more the news reports how students are being falsely accused of things by nameless, faceless cowards.

    To punish a student without any proof and based on an anonymous prankster even once would be a serious issue. However, recently school personnel across the United States are getting WAY out of control with punishing students without ANY proof of wrongdoing.

    Zero Tolerance policies are debatable, but to punish a student for unsubstantiated allegations?

    American schools are replacing the Zero Tolerance standard with a Zero Proof standard and if it takes lawsuits to get these nut-job school administrators to stop, so be it.

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