Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month – The “Dangerous ‘Danger’ Sign” Edition

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Restaurant owners are no strangers to slip and fall lawsuits, which is why we see so many of those bright yellow “Wet Floor” caution signs warning us of spilled drinks and recently mopped tiles.  But in this overly litigious society (with plenty of enterprising lawyers), even something intended to reduce hazards and cut down on lawsuits can, ironically, end up in court.

Such is the case filed by a West Virginia woman who claims one of those signs was knocked over by an employee and landed on her foot.  She says the incident has caused “physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, limitations in her activities and a diminution in her ability to enjoy life.”  Wow!  Who knew those signs packed such a wallop?!

Entrepreneurs and business owners take into account the legal climate when deciding where to locate or expand their business.  In fact, two-thirds of business decision makers say that a state’s lawsuit environment is likely to have an impact on decisions at their company.  An Institute for Legal Reform survey ranking the 50 states’ legal systems has wild and wonderful West Virginia dead last since 2006 – and frivolous suits like this won’t help the state climb out of the cellar.

Is this the most ridiculous lawsuit of the month?  Or is it one of these instead?

  • Florida lawyer sues over $19,000 bill at strip bar
  • Mother sues McDonald’s for including toys in kid’s meals
  • Widow of cop-killer files lawsuit; wants payment for his death in shootout
  • West Virginia man sues employer after bitten by spider while at work

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