Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month – The “Gambling Babies” Edition

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Have you ever mindlessly pumped fistfuls of quarters into an arcade game?  Did you ever spend $20 playing a midway game just to win a 25 cent stuffed animal?  Regret it afterwards?  If so, don’t blame yourself.  You couldn’t help it, at least according to a lawsuit filed in California.

A San Diego woman is suing the company that runs the Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurants, claiming that their games are an illegal form of gambling under California law.  Such games could get kids hooked on gambling, since they “create the same highs and lows experienced by adults who gamble their paychecks or their mortgage payments.”

The suit is seeking class action status for all other similarly situated individuals; the money is, of course, a “secondary issue” (she wants $5 million, for what it’s worth).

The restaurant responds that the games aren’t illegal under California law, and the suit is an overreach of a law designed to regulate video slot machines, not kid’s arcade games.

The company is raising another interesting point: if her suit is successful, and the games are actually an illegal form of gambling, then she has admitted to participating in illegal gaming and disqualified from recovering any damages.  I wonder if she still wants to push forward, considering her de facto admission of exposing her kids to so-called illegal gaming.

Some people just don’t know when to quit.

How ridiculous is this?  Is it the most ridiculous one we’ve seen this month, or is it one of these:

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