Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month – The “Wish I Knew Then” Edition

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A law school graduate, frustrated that she hasn’t found a fulfilling job, has decided to put what she learned to good use – by suing her alma mater.

The plaintiff is a 2008 graduate of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law and says she’s still looking for full-time work as a lawyer.  She claims that’s the school’s fault, according to a lawsuit she filed alleging TJLS used employment statistics that were “false, misleading, and intentionally designed to deceive all who read them.”  The statistics in question said 80% of graduates were employed nine months after graduation, which the plaintiff “reasonably interpreted … to mean that the vast majority of TJLS graduates would find employment as full time attorneys.”

How many résumés did she send out after graduating with honors and passing the bar?  Over 150, and she only received one job offer, which was “less favorable than other non-law jobs available,” according to the plaintiff.

She’s not the only law school graduate having trouble finding full-time employment.  According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, there is “a growing field of itinerant ‘contract’ attorneys who move from job to job, getting paid by the hour, largely to review documents for law firms and corporate clients. These short-term jobs, which can pay as little as $15 an hour, have increasingly become a fixture in the $100 billion global corporate legal industry as law firms and clients seek to lower their costs.”

The nature of the profession of law may be changing, but our graduate seems to have already figured out one of the tried-and-true tactics of the plaintiffs’ bar: if you don’t know what else to do, sue!

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