Most Ridiculous Lawsuit from June Announced; Vote Now for the July Nominees

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A California mother who sued Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurants alleging that their kids games are an illegal form of gambling has taken first place in the June poll looking for the most ridiculous lawsuit of the month.

There is a brand new slate of nominees up for July’s poll, including:

  • the woman who hired a lawyer to sue over false advertising claims before she actually bought the product;
  • the couple suing an animal rescue center because they haven’t removed a group of free-ranging peacocks;
  • the woman suing the maker of her K-cup coffee pods, alleging that the product is not “fresh” and “delicious” as advertised;
  • the man suing a grocer for $15,000 after he pricked his finger on a rose’s thorn; and
  • the Arkansas couple claiming that seismic activity was caused by fracking process.

We will be profiling each of these cases over the course of the month, but you don’t have to wait to vote for the candidate most deserving of the Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month title.  Click here to vote now.

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