Frivolous Claim Tries to Fleece Taxpayers – Twice!

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There’s no doubt about it – state courts are jam-packed and getting worse.  In fact, the budget crisis in some states has gotten so bad that they will begin closing courthouses and reducing staff, which will lead to even more delays in  already backed-up systems.  Frivolous lawsuits filed with little or no legal foundation only make the problem worse. 

For example, a failed bank robber from Michigan has filed a lawsuit over the prison’s ban on pornography.  The inmate, Kyle Richards, claims that the ban amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

And just in case you think that Richards’ incarceration and legal games aren’t enough of a financial burden on the taxpayers, here’s another possible one – he adds that if a prisoner cannot afford to purchase their own porn, the taxpayers should foot the bill.

By way of background, Richards is serving up to 20 years for the failed robbery.  He handed a note to a teller demanding money, and he made off with about $900.  The police tracked him down by following his footprints in fresh snow and the trail of bills he dropped on the way back to his apartment.  There’s one get-rich-quick scheme that fell flat.

As to his pornography lawsuit, a judge dismissed the suit after Richards failed to pay Michigan’s required fee for plaintiffs that file multiple frivolous suits.  So that’s two get-rich-quick schemes that fell flat.  What’s next?

Is this the most ridiculous lawsuit of the month?  Or is it one of these other nominees?

  • The lawsuit filed by a husband after his drunken wife caused a deadly traffic accident
  • The woman who sued her “boyfriend” after their Facebook “relationship” ended
  • The woman who sued after she hurt herself fleeing from a puppy
  • The class action that wants to hold a ticket resale company liable for turning a profit


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