Ridiculous Lawsuit Nominee: Woman sues “boyfriend” after their Facebook “relationship” ends

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How many friends do you have?  Real friends, I mean – the ones that you watch the game with, that will pick you up when your car breaks down, or that you simply like to spend time with.

How many Facebook friends do you have?  The ones that post pictures of their dogs and kids, let you know when they got a new job, what they’re doing this weekend, and when they’re doing the dishes.

Can you tell the difference?  Because some people can’t.

Like the Michigan woman who met a man playing an interactive online game and somehow managed to fall in love with him, despite the fact that they never met in person.  They would talk online and on the phone.  She would send him gifts.  He would write sweet-nothings on her Wall.  She even booked a trip to visit him on the west coast.

It was just like a fairy tale.  Until he broke her heart.    He met another woman at an actual bar – go figure – and broke off their romantic(?) relationship.

So the scorned “girlfriend” filed a lawsuit against her ex-“boyfriend” demanding he refund the gifts she sent.  She claimed that he led her on.  He said that they were just friends and the suit is frivolous, adding that she seemed fine after the “break-up.”

A judge in Michigan dismissed the suit, citing lack of jurisdiction.  The “boyfriend” wasn’t required to show up at the hearing.  The erstwhile couple still hasn’t met.

This suit is one of the candidates for The Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month.  The other nominees are:

  • The woman who   sued after she hurt herself fleeing from a puppy
  • The lawsuit filed by a husband after his drunken wife caused a deadly traffic accident
  • The class action that wants to hold a ticket resale company liable for turning a profit or
  • The prison that was sued for banning pornography

Vote for your favorite at FacesOfLawsuitAbuse.org.

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