Ridiculous Lawsuit Nominee – Fired Lawyer Sues Firm for $77 Million

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A first-year lawyer who was fired from his firm after he burned too many bridges is now suing the firm for $77 million, alleging that they interfered with his job while he was there and hurt his career prospects by letting him go.

The plaintiff says he “immediately began doing superlative work” (his words) and decided that he should take on additional responsibility.  So he naturally emailed the partners asking for more, saying “it has become clear that I have as much experience and ability as an associate many years my senior, as much skill writing and a superior legal mind to most I have met” (again, his own words).

The firm calls the suit frivolous, and says that the fired associated was given a severance package.  The plaintiff says it wasn’t enough, adding “there’s simply no room in a big law firm for an intelligent, creative lawyer with real-world experience, and I had to find that out the hard way” (more of his own words).

In a competitive job market, there’s a right way and a wrong way to distinguish yourself.  Alienating your coworkers and bragging to your bosses that you’re smarter than most everybody else at the firm within the first year is probably the wrong way.  And filing a high-profile lawsuit against your former employer certainly isn’t the best way to market yourself to potential future employers.

Is this the Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month?  Or is it one of these:

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