Ridiculous Lawsuit Nominee – Obese man sues burger joint over tight squeeze in booths

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Who doesn’t crave White Castle?  Their sliders have hit the spot for kids on late night snack runs to resurgent Hollywood stars to most everyone in between.

However, not everybody loves the burger joint.  One man in New York has a particular axe to grind with the burger shop. He says that the booths at the restaurant aren’t big enough to accommodate his nearly 300-pound frame.  So he’s suing. 

The plaintiff’s lawsuit claims that the uncomfortable seating is a violation of his civil rights, so he’s suing under the American With Disabilities Act (White Castle says it provides chairs to anyone that doesn’t want to sit in a booth) . “I just want to sit down like a normal person,” he told a local reporter.

In fact, the disgruntled diner is so upset that he’s boycotting the stores.  He hasn’t set foot in a White Castle since the latest insult.  Instead, he sends his wife to pick up his food when he needs a White Castle fix (he’s boycotting the booths, not the burgers – let’s not overreact here).

Is this the most ridiculous lawsuit of the month?  Or is it one of these:

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