Mother of Justin Bieber fan suing ‘Boyfriend’ singer alleging hearing damage from show

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A concert-goer claims that she suffered hearing damages when the singer climbed to the top of a “heart-shaped aluminum/steel gondola” and prompted the crowd to cheer louder during a concert.  The suit claims the resulting “frenzy of screams” has left her with a whooshing sound in her ears.


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  • I would agree that performers may play too loud and decibel ordinances should be enforced. There is an Ap that shows a microphone and decibel meter and recording button. I and my wife carry MaxWax to put in our ears if needed. Sometimes we just leave, which was likely an option this writer could have chosen.

  • I’ve met some people who are suffering from hearing loss when I visited a hearing centre in Perth. A number told me that the reason behind it is because they love attending concerts. The case of this woman is the same but she cannot blame the concert producers or other fans because you should expect that to a concert event. It is neither a library nor a solemn place.

  • I’ve got to say, I hope this is one lawsuit that actually DOES make it. I’m sorry, but, man, I hate Justin Bieber.

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