Small business owner gains legal savvy to fight access lawsuit

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A California restaurant owner has been forced to put a hold on his plans to expand his business while he deals with an ADA lawsuit. The businessman calls the suit frivolous, given that the plaintiff named the location’s former business and includes violations for the parking lot in the suit (which the restaurant doesn’t own or lease).


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  • They need to do what Microsoft has done. Microsoft made a new policy that prevents anyone from filing lawsuits against other players over Xbox Live. Many people use Americans for Disabilities Act to file suits and many people who do aren’t even disabled. They should make it where that you cannot use the ADA as a base for a lawsuit against someone.

  • I would find out all the mom and pop businesses he has targeted and use that as more evidence of lawsuit abuse. If this guy doesn’t target anyone with the resources to fight back, it sounds like selective prosecution to me. Hit HIM with a discrimination charge and put him on the defensive. Lawyers make terrible clients when they are being sued. All of a sudden it is no longer “just business” when it is their ox being gored.

  • I would really like to know how much he has made from these cases and what he ,has and is doing with the money!!!
    What is his active client case load like?? How much does he earn from real bonafied clients? Does most of his income derive from his own little suing game? Seems to me that he has found himself a very nice little niche and is using it as a cash cow.

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