Family of teen who fell from wheel well of jet sues US Airways

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The family of a teen runaway who was killed when he snuck into the wheel well of a departing passenger jet is now suing the airline, the airport, and the city of Charlotte, claiming the boy’s death is a result of their negligence.


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  • Because of the stupidity of the boy why should the airlines be sued? I think the airlines should sue the parents of the boy for neglecting to watch over him.

  • When will companies start suing the dummies that do something like this.

    Oh, wait. The family turned out a faulty product. They should have some sort of liability for making their son runaway and try such a stunt.

  • Let me get this straight: kid runs away from home, avoids all security at the airport, crawls into a wheel well of a jet, dies as the result, and his family blames everybody EXCEPT the kid?? Family is dumber than the kid.

    I hope all the “defendants” in this case don’t knuckle under and settle, instead they will defend this thru to the end.

    Maybe the “defendants” should file a counter suit against the parents for neglect in raising their son.

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