Lawsuit claims Red Bull boost no better than coffee

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The maker of Red Bull energy drinks is being sued by a long-time customer who claims the drinks offer no more energy than a cup of coffee, adding that a can of Red Bull costs more than $2 while coffee and caffeine pills are available for less.


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  • This is the stupidest thing i ever heard of. If he wins it could be bad for Red Bull. If u dont want to pay that for it dont buy it , duh

  • This kind of thing shouldn’t see a court room. Its a waste of the courts time. The contents of the cans are labeled. do some research. There was no harm done on the part of the company.

  • I myself don’t drink redbull. However, my opinion is this. Seems to me that the “long time customer” is out to make a quick buck.
    I don’t buy Redbull but if you think it’s more expensive then why aren’t you buying it instead of complaining about another companies product and price?!
    Where has common sense gone in our country? Geez people get real!!!!