Ohio teacher cites fear of children in discrimination suit

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A teacher is suing her school district for discrimination when it reassigned her from her from a high school to a middle school.   The teacher claims that she suffers from pedophobia, an extreme fear or anxiety around young children, and had to resign when she started working younger students.


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  • Lady please!! You don’t want to be around children?? I guess that means you live in a secluded cave because children are everywhere. Get a masters or PHD and teach at a college. I guess this also means that you don’t have children or grandchildren. Oh wait, did this phobia came about because you didn’t get to teach HS?? Whatever it is, go crawl back under the rock or in the cave you came out of and stop trying to swindle tax payer money.

  • Lmao why in the world would you even be a teacher at all if u actually have this phobia I’m not buying that b.s. Find a different career path if you don’t like children it’s not fair to those children to have a teacher that doesn’t like them.

  • Teaching is all about learning to deal with the querkiness of young people. High school students are a unique breed all their own. I should know. I tutor one who spent his brief moments between lessons drawing pentagrams on the back of his ipod.Rather concerned, I asked him “Why?” He shot me a grin and said “just ’cause.”
    He is a button-pusher and a smart allec, but I love him :). Any one who is picky and has a short fuse doesn’t have any business teaching.

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