Measure would create liability for addictive drugs

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A Nevada lawmaker has proposed a bill that would allow doctors and drug companies to be sued if they prescribed medication to a patient who eventually became addicted to it. The bill’s sponsor argues that doctors “know the person can get addicted to the drug so they should pay for the process of them getting off it,” but opponents say it “ties the hands of physicians and takes away the rights of patients to choose which risk to assume while seeking treatment for their diseases.”


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  • It would make doctors much less likely to give any addictive medication to patients regardless of how badly they need it. Medications like this only become addictive when taken beyond the scope of actual need. So no, I do not think they should be liable if a patient continues taking it after they should stop. It would be along the same line as making an alcoholic beverage company liable because the person who buys it didn’t know enough to stop drinking and becomes alcoholic. It’s time for people to have to take some responsibility for their own actions!

  • Prescription drugs of any nature are designed to treat a condition. That includes addictive drugs. It is the responsibility of the patient and the physician to use them responsibly. As a nurse, I can tell you that the vast majority of patients do. But there is a segment of the population that does not. The government forces physicians to solicit complaints of pain from the patient at every visit and if there is a complaint, it must be addressed. There should be an understanding between the Dr. and patient that “lost” or “stolen” prescriptions will not be replaced and that random drug tests will be performed.to make sure that the medication is being taken and not sold. A contract of this type sure cut down on the Oxycontin floating around our community.

  • I like this law because doctors get bonuses from drug companies to push their poison , 90% of people will get better with exercise , diet , and rest , but medical companies will go bankrupt . To the birds with them sue them all the way.

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