Ramps, Frogs, Bulls, Oh My!

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It doesn’t get much more ridiculous in the world of ridiculous lawsuits than last month’s winner: A woman who was suing for “severe and permanent injuries” because of a car accident nevertheless managed to finish a half-marathon (13.1 miles, that is) with the respectable time of 2 hours 43 minutes. While running 12-minute miles won’t win you any Olympic gold medals, it certainly puts you on the healthier end of the “severe and permanent injuries” scale.

Which doesn’t mean we’ve run out of ridiculous lawsuits for our readers. Quite the contrary. Part of our purpose in letting readers vote on the most ridiculous lawsuit of the month is to drive home the point that ridiculous lawsuits happen every day – and will continue to happen until we reform our tort system.

This month’s nominees for “Most Ridiculous Lawsuit” certainly meet the high bar set by our half-marathoner (click here to vote):

  • A non-disabled customer sued a local fast food restaurant after he slipped and fell on the wheelchair ramp. The restaurant is accused of “creating a dangerous ramp, failing to warn and failing to remedy an unreasonably dangerous condition.”
  • After frogs swarm his land, a homeowner seeks punitive damages because of his “frog phobia.” The man already received $1.6 million in compensation following a runoff accident that flooded his land, but apparently the little green hoppers are so terrifying he needs just $250,000 more.
  • A pro basketball fan reportedly sued his favorite player (Derrick Rose) because Rose missed the regular season with a knee injury. The Bulls still made the playoffs despite Rose’s absence, which we guess wasn’t enough to ease this fan’s emotional stress.
  • A cop who got arrested for a DUI has sued the city that fired him. Claiming a violation of his rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the (former) police officer is seeking $6 million in the suit.

So which one is the most ridiculous lawsuit of the month? Cast your ballot now.

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