Dog bites man, man sues kennel

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An Illinois man who was bitten while trying to give his dog Havoc a bath is suing the kennel that sold him the dog.


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  • Citizen’s rights to the use of our court systems must not be curtailed, but a “downside” to bringing an unreasonable action needs to be added to the rules. Some have suggested a “loser pays all cost” rule, but this may have the affect of precluding poor or less than well-off folks from seeking redress through the courts. The legal teams involved must have some skin in the game by being at risk for some of the legal cost, including fees to the court systems.

  • There isn’t quite enough information for me to say whether this is lawsuit abuse or not. How old was the dog? How long had it been in the owner’s possession? If it was a puppy, less than six months old, this is stupid and lawsuit abuse. If it was a full grown dog and the owner had just purchased the dog, then it may or may not be abuse. In the details of the sale, was the purchaser led to believe the dog was trained? Was he aware about the behaviors of the breed? Like I said, there isn’t enough information to decide whether or not this is lawsuit abuse.

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