Kids Break into House to Party, Homeowner Might be Sued by Parents

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A group of high-schoolers broke into a New York house to throw a massive party.  The homeowner found out about it on Twitter and has been identifying partiers online.  Now, the homeowner says parents of some of the kids are threatening to sue for hurting their chances at getting into college.


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  • That is what is wrong with these kids. Those parents should take them home and beat their asses for breaking and entering…..NOT suing the homeowner of the house their kids destroyed. I’ll be these are “precious” kids. What every happened to paying the cosequences for our actions? These parents are as stupid as their children…..apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • This should be a lesson to the students. You destroy property, trespass on the property and do tens of thousand of dollars in damage, you might not be the kind of student these colleges are looking for. Wake up call to parents….know what you kids are doing!!

  • The kids should have thought about what they were doing before they did it. Also the parents need to have more control over their kids’ activities. It’s their own fault that these kids might not get into college. You harvest what you reap!

  • I think the home owner should sue for all damages. I would then want all parents charged as well. People nees to learn respect if they wanted to be crooks the should work for a political party.

  • My kid would spend the next two years working manual labor until his hands bled to pay back the debt he owes and I woulld not pay for one dime of his tuition or support for college until he did.

  • The homeowner didn’t ruin any thing for these kids. They did it themselves by breaking and entering and destroying this persons private party. If you do the crime then you do the time. I don’t care how old you are if you do it you pay for it. Learn that at an early age and don’t break the law again.

  • That’s ridiculous. These kids need to face the music for what they did and realize that what they did can have long term ramifacation. They don’t need mom and dad bailing them out at every turn. I guess the parent’s have decided that sueing is how they are going to pay for those colleges their kids want to go to.

  • Well I think if the kids want to go to college, they shouldn’t have broke in to this house n also the kids were stupid for putting it all over twitter.
    It would serve them right if they can’t get into college. Should have thought about it before. And I think the homeowners need to charge the kids for trespassing AND for any damage that happened n to charge them a cleaning fee to have someone to come in n clean the place. I’m sure it was a MESS!

  • Those parents need to step back and take a long look at their children. My children would be paying for the damage and lose everything important to them while mommy drives themonly where they HAVE to be for a very long time!

  • Let me get this straight. Kids broke into a house. That’s one crime. They threw a party. If alcohol is involved, that’s two crimes. Now the parents are mad because their kids might not get into the college of their choice. Guess what? They made the choice to break the law. They should be punished. If that includes not getting into a certain college then guess what? They don’t get into that college. Maybe they will learn a lesson from this.

  • its called “consequences” and any good parent would have taught their children about them long before they were old enough to pull a fool stunt like this one. Kids don’t seem to learn about them these days because so many parents run around fixing things and patting them on the head telling them not to do it again…

  • The overly protective parents should be held accountable for their children. The children should not be allowed into any college or university in the United States until they have fessed up to this atrocity.

  • They shouldn’t have done it in the first place. Sue the parents, not the homeowner! So they don’t go to college. Serves them right!

  • How bout the kids get prosecuted and let’s see what that does to college! Wake up you ignorant parents, what happen to taking responsibility for your actions!

  • The parents are the ones responsible for raising these rotten high schoolers ! THE PARENTS should be sued by the homeowner ! WTH!

  • Too funny that they think their kids will get into college with a record… Kids don’t start breaking the law by a home invasions, they start with pickpocketting and stealing chocolate bars…

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