EEOC sues over hand scanners

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An Illinois man quit his job when his employer started using a hand scanner to clock-in workers, claiming the technology is associated with the antichrist.  The EEOC is now suing the employer on the man’s behalf, saying they violated his religious beliefs.


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  • Get to work on time and quit complaining, your boss has a right to document your presence at work, even using NON-invasive technology to do so. If he MADE you tattoo yourself then you can complain since it would not be easily removeable should you quit and a health risk! But if he is just tracking your ugly hand’s natural appearance, or if you have to wear a bracelet with a barcode that is noninvasive. Now Shut Up and Work! And be glad your getting paid! The antichrist is coming and your peddly lawsuit won’t stop him or protect you. If you didn’t take the mark that’s one thing, if your just complaining cause he doesn’t need a Special mark to track you, too bad!

  • Damn, right. We need to settle things like the did in the Old West. Gun fights at high noon! Wait, in reality they just shot each other in the back. Ah, hell this is ‘Merica that is good too.

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