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The clapping, clanging, and gonging of nearby church bells was too much for John Devaney to bear.

That’s why the Narragansett, Rhode Island, man has filed a lawsuit against St. Thomas More Catholic Parish — claiming that these bills have disrupted his life, even leading to the breakup of his marriage.

According to Devaney’s suit, these bells caused emotional stress, bad moods, and arguments with his wife.

Think this lawsuit is ridiculous? It’s just one of the crazy suits we feature in this month’s Most Ridiculous Lawsuit Poll!

Yes, once again, we’ve scoured the headlines to find the most ridiculous lawsuits of the past month.  In addition to Devaney’s lawsuit, this month’s nominees include:

  • A man who volunteered at the 2013 baseball All-Star game in New York is now suing Major League Baseball for hourly wages and overtime pay, saying that the swag he received isn’t enough.
  • A shop owner who shot a knife-wielding robber (after firing a warning shot) was sued by the robber, claiming the store lacked “a policy regarding the safe and lawful use of firearms.”  A judge finally dismissed the suit two years after the incident.
  • An Illinois man who was bitten while trying to give his dog, Havoc, a bath is suing the kennel that sold him the dog.

Which of these lawsuits do you think is most ridiculous?  Click here to vote in this month’s poll.

By raising awareness of these ridiculous suits, we can help spread the word about the need to help end lawsuit abuse to protect America’s employers, families and communities.

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