Lawyer Sues Over Bad Review

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After receiving negative feedback on Google Plus, an Illinois lawyer is suing the reviewer who left the comments, claiming it is costing him $10,000 per month in lost business.  The reviewer wasn’t a client of the lawyer; rather, the lawyer represented the reviewer’s ex-wife in divorce proceedings.

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  • Of many examples on this site of silly suits, I actually don’t think this one is that bad. The State Bar has a process for determining whether or not the lawyers tactics were ethical or “shady”, and if anything it seems as if the sour grapes were evidence of a job well done by this attorney. If the reviewer was not a customer of the attorney, he had no business posting the review unless he fully disclosed that he was the opposing party and lost so the readers can make an informed decision for themselves. There is too much anonymity in Internet reviews, as evidenced by the hundreds of “online reputation enhancement” companies which exists solely to write fake positive reviews.