Another Hot Coffee Lawsuit

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A woman who spilled coffee on herself at a self-service area of a Texas store is suing the establishment for failing to warn her about how hot the coffee was.  The store says the plaintiff’s injuries were caused by her own negligence.


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  • there they go again with stupid lawsuits… how stupid can u be when u know coffee is a hot beverage. yes we do have cold coffee.. i guess the idiot thought of easy way of getting $$$$$…. give her the idiot trophy of the month….lol…

  • If all these frivolous lawsuits are giving me stress filled sleepless nights, can I sue the hack attorneys who are filing them as well as the plaintiffs? Do I sue individually or place them all in a class? This sh*t needs to stop and only consumer outrage resulting in financial penalties can make it happen! Imagine all the good that could be done with the money saved!