Apple Sued Over iOS 7

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A California man is so unhappy with Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system that he is suing the company and its CEO.  The user wants Apple to remove it from his devices and pay him $50.


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  • Worst thing that ever happened to my phone ..color is bad for background for older people to see…among other things as it loaded 2 thousand messages to my phone which they did not know how to take off at the Verizon store , so I had to sit in front of my tv and delete them all , what a pain

  • When you update your iPhone it specifically tells you there is no going back to the old software it’s part of then end user agreement and terms of conditions you have to agree to before update

  • If his iphone was working normally and he was happy with it’s current performance he was not forced by anybody from Apple to download and install iOS 7 onto his device. It was more than likely that he did so on his own free will.

    And to Cheryl: About the high contrast and hard to read font do this on your device to change the high level of contrast
    Tap Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Invert Colors. You can also change the type size to a larger size to make the letters easier to read.

  • Apple products suck, You can get a far superior product on the android market. Over Paying for their products is so stupid. I bet my pc can out perform any apple computer…oh wait it has, and i even got my boss to switch from his Apple computers at work and go to PC and it has proven the right choice. Dropped the iphones as well, and went to LG’s and androids. Wanna know what happened? Production went through the roof. We where able to contact people effortlessly, and didn’t need to download itunes. pissed people off when they realized they couldn’t transfer their music to their new mp3 players in their phones because…apple automatically converts your music to mp4 and you can’t revert them backwards without downloading more programs…so Honestly I hope apple goes bankrupt and all you apple fans join them. My God Apple fans are the worse. you can buy the same products for half the price and more versatility than any apple product.

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