Ridiculous lawsuits aren’t just a problem in the U.S.!

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A Chinese man reportedly sued his wife over their ugly children after finding out she had cosmetic surgery before they met.  And a judge has agreed, ordering her to pay $120,000.


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  • You have got to be kidding me. That is ridiculous. How could a man say that his children are ugly. As for the judge he needs to go away. Thats as stupid as the woman that won the lawsuit against McDonalds for the coffee being so hot. Duh it’s hot or order iced coffee. All children have there own looks and besides beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How dare you call your children ugly and sue your wife over it. Ever think that maybe it is in your gene pool…

  • It truly is just a matter of genetics… maybe the husband should be quizzing the mailman, and their neighbors, and their pastor…

    Evidence would suggest a Samoan somewhere in the pile.

  • What a ridiculous thing to do, sue your wife for your ugly kids! Kids are beautiful , inside and out, you on the other are horribly ugly inside and out! Beauty is skin deep!

  • She should divorce this mean spirited A-hole and then she’ll get 50% of her $120,000 back and the house and alimony and child support unless her husband is a typical deadbeat who has to be hauled into court to pay for his ugly children that he obviously doesn’t love.

  • That’s BULL!! The ugly could have been him?how did they prove it wasn’t him? Plus he made a commitment to his wife and family regardless of past.Just wrong all around!

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