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Our short film, “The Last Week: How Lawsuits Doomed an American Icon,” already won the “Excellence in Filmmaking Award” at the Anthem Film Festival last July.

Now, we’re pleased to announce that the film has been accepted to the Irvine International Film Festival, to be held January 10-16, 2014 in Laguna Hills, California.

This documentary chronicles the painful last days of Blitz USA — the world’s leading manufacturer of gasoline cans — which was forced to close its doors in the wake of a flood of litigation. The film shows the devastation wreaked on this manufacturing company and the impact lawsuits—and the plaintiffs’ lawyers who brought them—have on real lives in one small town.

You can watch the full film below:

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  • So incredibly sad… God bless you for your video & God bless the ex-employees of Blitz and their families.
    Having nearly 40 years (now retired) as an HR executive, I have unfortunately been through a bunch of plant closings (and, happily, some openings), but there is nothing sadder than seeing employees who had spent their lives ‘banking’ on their company, only to see it all blow away in the dust. I also personally know, too well, the impact that the closing of a major employer’s operation has on a small town.
    Best of luck at the film festival and keep holding your heads high.
    Been there & done that,

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