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Could a “rock” that appeared on a Mars rover photograph actually be an alien life form?

NASA doesn’t think so, but one man disagrees — and has filed a lawsuit as a result.

Rhawn Joseph thinks NASA should more closely study a rock that recently appeared in front of the Mars Opportunity rover — and he’s filed a lawsuit to try to compel the agency to do just that, reports Popular Science.

Apparently, Joseph thinks the rock could be a living thing (a “putative biological organism”), and his lawsuit requests that NASA “perform a public, scientific, and statutory duty which is to closely photograph and thoroughly scientifically examine and investigate” the object.

As Popular Science’s Colin Lecher reports, NASA has identified the object as a “very special rock, with rare properties, even. But a rock.”

The full copy of Joseph’s suit is embedded below, for your enjoyment:

NASA Lawsuit


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  • Normally I find the lawsuits here to be frivolous and the reporting to be solid. However, this article states: ““Self-described scientist” Rhawn Joseph”.

    In the court document under Petitioners Standing you will find: “Petitioner, Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D., is a scientist and astrobiologist who has published major scientific discoveries in prestigious scientific journals beginning in the late 1970s”

    From my non-scientific position I don’t see justification of this lawsuit, but a poor attempt to cast doubt on someone by discrediting their position is poor taste. Obviously he is not “Self-described” only, some educational institution conferred a doctorate on him, and he is apparently well published and therefore established in the scientific community.

    Having said that he is in a better position than I to judge what is or is not a satisfactory investigation into this matter.

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