Man Files Lawsuit, Claims Super Bowl Tix are Too Expensive

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A New Jersey man who paid more than $4,000 for two Super Bowl tickets is suing the NFL over the price, claiming the tickets he bought on the secondary market are too expensive. He wants to turn the case into a class action on behalf of all ticket buyers who paid more than face value and anyone who wanted tickets but couldn’t afford them on the secondary market.


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  • He’s hoping to get out of the doghouse with his wife who is pissed he spent that much. If he wins this stupid suit, he is out no money.

  • Sometimes I wonder how people get from their bed to work on a daily basis. This tool needs a padded room with a lifetime supply of adult Pampers.

  • Next thing you know, this idiot will sue McDonalds…He ordered a Big Mac, ate the Big Mac, but is suing because he really wanted the Quarter Pounder.

  • He didn’t have to buy the tickets. And the lawyer who took the case & the court where it will be tried are stupid & asinine

  • He had a choice to buy the ticket or not. Going to the Super Bowl is not mandatory for his survival. Our economy is based on supply and demand. If people will refuse to pay that much for the tickets, then the NFL and other sports will come up with a better game plan.

  • I read your article carefully, it helped me a lot, I hope to see more related articles in the future. thanks for sharing.

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