Suit: Suspend the NFL Playoffs Over Blown Call

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A Pennsylvania man has filed a lawsuit agains the NFL, saying the San Diego Chargers made it into the playoffs because of a blown call on the last day of the regular season. The plaintiff – “presumably an aggrieved Steelers fan” according to Pro Football Talk, wants the league to suspend the playoffs to replay the down. Or let the Steelers and Chargers to play to see who should be in the playoffs (the Steelers would have made it if San Diego would have lost the game).

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  • Please!! Well the Strelers head couch stood on the playing field and interfered with a return from the opposing team. Several years ago in the Super Bowl the refs made many call in favor of the Steelers. They took home the trophy but they didn’t win that game the refs did it for them. So boo hoo their not in the play off duck it up cupcake.

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