UPDATE: Little League Coach Goes on Fox News to Defend Lawsuit Against Former Player

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Yesterday, we posted about the Little League coach who is suing a player who threw his helmet in the air to celebrate after scoring a winning run. The coach allegers the helmet tore his Achilles’ tendon and is suing for $500,000 (although he thought his attorney was only asking for $20,000).

This coach went on Fox News to discuss his lawsuit, and it didn’t go so well for the coach.

Watch the video here.


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  • That coach needs a mental evaluation. It is the most absurd law suit. What an underhanded way to get money. What kind of a wimpy person is he. Probably already had the injury to begin with.

  • It’s a shame….these teams are established to teach kids self esteem, how to be a team, good sportsmanship and they get to belong to something. What are actions like this teaching them. She in him. He doesn’t deserve anything, least of all any acknowledgement.

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