Will Plummeting Super Bowl Ticket Prices Force Man to Re-Think Lawsuit Over Ticket Prices?

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A few weeks ago we posted about this guy, who shelled out $4,000 for two Super Bowl tickets on the secondary market, and then decided to sue the NFL because he thought the tickets were too expensive.

The man, Josh Finkelman, wants to turn the case into a class action on behalf of all ticket buyers who paid more than face value and anyone who wanted tickets but couldn’t afford them on the secondary market.

Well, he might be wincing today at the news that Super Bowl ticket prices are now in a “freefall”.  As the New York Post reports, seats for the Sunday’s big game “could end up being the least expensive for a Super Bowl since the post-9/11 game of 2002.”

In fact, 18,000 tickets reportedly remain on the secondary market.

Market supply-and-demand is a funny thing.

We wonder if this basic economics lesson will cause Mr. Finkelman to think twice about moving forward with his lawsuit.

At the very least, he’s certainly wishing he waited a few weeks to buy his tickets.

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