Watch Repairman Threatens Lawsuit Over Negative Yelp Review

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Some business owners ignore negative Yelp reviews. Some respond to customers and try to fix the problem.

Apparently, some business owners choose a different path — to threaten the reviewers with a lawsuit.

As the New York Post reports, “Matt Brand gave Ron Gordon Watch Repair on Madison Avenue two stars in a (Yelp) review he posted last April after he says the shop told him one of two timepieces — a gold pocket watch — needed to be sent overseas to be fixed.”

Brand says he went to a different shop, where he was able to get the watches fixed quickly “at a fraction of the price.”

As a result of that post, Brand received a letter from Ron Gordon’s lawyer ordering Brand to “remove the post within seven days or face a defamation suit.”

We should note that, in addition to the post, a growing number of media outlets are reporting on the threatened lawsuit, including here  and here.

As a result, even if Brand responds to the threatened lawsuit by removing his negative review — it’s guaranteed to survive on the Internet for years to come.

What does Gordon’s lawyer have to say about that? According to Gothamist

“Mr. Gordon repairs million dollar watches—he doesn’t read negative reviews,” Spinnell sniffed. “I think most of his customers don’t read Gawker or any of these other internet sites. Only a certain person has time to read these reviews.”

If Gordon, and his customers, don’t read the reviews — then why the threatened lawsuits?

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