Making a Federal Case out of Defective Undies

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The phrase, “Don’t make a federal case out of it,” is reserved for people who blow small situations into “big” ordeals.

That might fit the bill for two Massachusetts women, who claim they were injured by a “defective” pair of $60 undergarments and have filed a federal class action against the manufacturer.

According to The Boston Business Journal, the two women are filing a civil lawsuit in federal court because a product that claimed it would slim their bodies and reduce cellulite did not work as advertised. The targets in the lawsuit are Wacoal America (iPant) and Maidenforms Brands, LLC (Instant Slimmer), who use fabric that contains caffeine, vitamins and minerals which claim to re-sculpt a woman’s body in about a month’s time.

The women claim they were harmed because they, “paid as much as 50 percent premiums to buy undergarments falsely advertised as having the special powers.”
Despite being offered a refund by the company, the plaintiffs, “are seeking refunds and punitive damages, as well as an injunction that would keep the companies from selling the apparel.” And, they are seeking to represent perhaps millions of similarly dissatisfied women in their class action.

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