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It’s that time of the month again: Time for our Most Ridiculous Lawsuit poll!

Without further adieu, here are the nominees…

Minimum Wage for Court-Ordered Community Service?

Two New York City residents are suing to make their crimes pay, challenging the longstanding practice of assigning community service to petty lawbreakers, such as sweeping streets or cleaning parks.

The lawsuit claims free labor from those who are assigned community service after violating federal and state labor laws. The two are seeking class action status to represent their fellow lawbreakers who have been subjected to working off their infractions.

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Don’t Text and Cheer?

These days, thousands of fans sign up to follow their favorite NFL team by text message. But one fan sued because he got too many texts.

A Buffalo Bills fan has won a $3 million class action settlement against the team because he received three more texts than promised.

The fan who brought the suit got $5,000. The Bills agreed to provide up to $2.5 million in debit cards to the rest of the fans to be used on Bills merchandise.

And the lawyers? They got more than $500,000 in cash … proving that it pays to be a “super fan’s” lawyer.

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Making a Federal Case Out of Defective Undies

The phrase, “Don’t make a federal case out of it,” is reserved for people who blow small situations into “big” ordeals.
That might fit the bill for two Massachusetts women, who claim they were injured by a “defective” pair of $60 undergarments and have filed a federal class action against the manufacturer.

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