Woman Reaches Into Lion’s Cage, Loses Finger, Sues Zoo

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One would think that “don’t pet lions” is in the same league of advice as “don’t take your toaster in the bathtub,” but for one Michigan woman, the thrill of petting a real-life lion was too much temptation.

Ranae Ferguson was visiting Sunrise Side Nature Trail and Exotic Park when she decided to reach inside a lion’s cage, resulting in the partial loss of her middle finger.

Ferguson is now filing suit, saying that she had the zookeeper’s permission to reach inside the cage. However, the park’s staff has stated that Ferguson was asked to step back, but ignored their warnings as well as several posted signs around the park.

While the courts will decide the validity of the circumstances, one has to think that treating an animal nicknamed king of the jungle like a household pet is not a wise decision.

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