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Woman Sues Disney for $250M, Claims Frozen Is Stolen From Her Life’s Story

A woman is suing the Walt Disney Corporation for $250 million, claiming the blockbuster movie, Frozen, was actually stolen from her life story.

That’s right – according to author Isabella Tanikumi, the storyline for Frozen was plucked not from the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, The Snow Queen, but rather from her autobiography, Yearnings of the Heart.

While Tanikumi’s story does take place in a mountainous setting and features two sisters, one of which suffers an accident that physically scars her, the similarities are few and far between, and certainty less consistent than those within Andersen’s Snow Queen.

The formal complaint claims that Frozen has caused Tanikumi “irreparable harm” and calls for a “cease and desist from any and all sales, distribution and marketing of Frozen in any media format,” along with court costs and $250 million.

What do you think: Does this lawsuit have merit? Or should Tanikumi simply “let it go”?

Man Sues Private Club After Being Kicked Out Over Drunken Altercation

“We believe in the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). We just don’t think the ADA was created to protect people who have Oxycodone and then drink to excess.”

Those were the words of Mike Caspino, lawyer for the Newport Beach, CA-based Balboa Bay Club, which is being sued by a man who was kicked out of the club for allegedly “assaulting an employee and an altercation in a club bar when police were called.”

After the incident, the man, Steve George, had his membership at the private club cancelled, and he was banned from the property.

The man, Steve George, claims his behavior was caused by “accidentally” mixing “painkillers and alcohol.” He also claims he is being treated unfairly compared with the club’s reaction to other members’ behavior, which he alleges includes groping, fights with staff, boating while intoxicated and public sex.

According to an article in The Daily Pilot, George’s drunkenness resulted in a verbal altercation with a club employee. Apparently George had a pattern of such incidents, and was effectively kicked out of the $15,000 a month luxury club.

George has now filed a 27-page complaint with the Orange County Superior Court. George’s lawyer, Brian McCormick, points to George’s broken arm as a disability, for which he needed to take painkillers. As such, the lawsuit claims the club violated George’s civil rights and the Americans With Disabilities Act by banning him.

Further, nearly a quarter of the document summited was essentially tattling as George laid “out allegations of escapades of club members who escaped punishment,” which included public sex, child neglect and arson.

Thwarted Armed Robber Attempts To Sue Pizzeria Employees For Injuries

Nigel Sykes, who committed armed robbery at a Seasons Pizza restaurant in Delaware, is now attempting to sue the pizzeria, six of its employees and the two arresting officers for a total of over $250,000 after sustaining injuries during his arrest.

After “displaying” a gun, Sykes was handed $140 from the cashier. According to his testimony, while leaving the store he was then tackled by employees. Police arrived on scene to arrest Sykes, apparently using stun guns in the process.  At least one shot was fired during his struggle with the pizzeria’s employees.

Sykes described the actions of the employees and arresting officers as unnecessary, and is now filing a suite from prison where he is sentenced to 15 years.

Although he claimed to have been forced into conducting the robbery; Sykes has now been linked to eight other robberies, resulting in 51 charges, and admits that he is, “not good at making good choices.”

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