Woman Sues Neighbor After Her Own Pit Bulls Killed The Neighbor’s Dogs

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Steve Baker suffered a terrible loss this past October when four pit bulls entered his yard and fatally attacked his beagle. But now he may be facing another loss — at the hands of a million-dollar lawsuit.

Baker’s neighbor, Emerald White, is the owner of the dogs that killed Baker’s dog. While trying to retrieve her dogs from Baker’s yard, while they were attacking Baker’s beagle, Bailey, White allegedly incurred injuries.

As a result of those alleged injuries, White is now suing Baker for $1 million, claiming that her dogs entered Baker’s yard as a result of a hole in his fence.

You read that correctly: White is suing Baker, even though it was her dogs that killed Baker’s beagle.

What’s more, animal control had reportedly issued White 16 citations due to her dogs’ attack.

Nevertheless, White claims that her injuries are a result of Baker “failing to securely confine and restrict” his beagle.

What do you think: Does White have a case, or is she clearly barking up the wrong tree?

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