Customers File Half-Baked Lawsuit Against Whole Foods

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Lawsuits have been filed against grocery chains Whole Foods and Wegman’s, claiming false advertising at the grocery stores known for offering healthier and organic options for customers.

The lawsuits take issue with signs at the stores that read “Store Baked” or “Made in House”.  The lawsuits allege that bread and bakery products “are either pre-baked elsewhere, frozen and reheated, or half-baked prior to sale.”

The suit’s lawyer, Aneliya Angelova, is pushing to make the case a class action, “so that any judgment would benefit consumers who have purchased their bread at Wegmans and Whole Foods stores in New Jersey since 2008.”

Angelova, who is also a plaintiff in the case, claims the lawsuits are “about our health.”

What do you think: Are these legitimate lawsuits, or half-baked attempts at a healthy payday?

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