“Made In The USA” Class Action Filed over Imported “Nets and Bolts”

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Lifetime Products, a California company that makes basketball hoops, has paid out more than $1.3 million in a class action lawsuit over the hoops’ “Made in the USA” label.

The basis of the suit?  The company imported bolts and the net packaged with the hoop were apparently made in China.

The suit was filed under a strict California statute that is tighter than Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

The lawyer who filed the suit, John Conboli, told the Wall Street Journal that he thinks “there are some things where it just makes sense to stick to a 100% standard.”

As a result of the settlement, the plaintiffs’ attorneys received $485,000, while the two named plaintiffs were awarded $4,500 and $3,500, respectively. In addition, those eligible in the class action suit can reportedly receive a “$12.50-$30 Gift Card or Free Basketball” if they are residents of California.  An addition $325,000 went to charity.

Read more about this lawsuit here.

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