Bite Over Bark: Frivolous Lawsuit Costs Neighbor $500K

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Could a dog’s bark be louder than thunder, and nearly akin to the decibel level of a military jet taking off?

That’s the claim made in a 36-page, $500,000 lawsuit filed by a Seattle man, Woodrow Thompson, against his neighbor, who claim’s the bark of the neighbor’s dog, Cawper, caused “profound emotional distress.”

While a noisy neighborhood can be a nuisance, this video clip from the local ABC affiliate in Seattle mostly features Cawper lounging on the couch.

Think the lawsuit is ridiculous? You may be shocked to find out that Woodrow actually won the case.

It turns out that the defendants thought the case was so ridiculous that they didn’t even show up to court, thinking it was a hoax.  That’s how Thompson won the case.

While the defendants are now seeking to reverse the court’s decision, they are racking up steep legal bills and are in danger of losing their home.

Unfortunately, it looks like Thompson’s bite will be much larger than Cawper’s bark.

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