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  • Lawsuits have been filed against grocery chains Whole Foods and Wegman’s, claiming false advertising at the grocery stores known for offering healthier and organic options for customers. The lawsuits take issue with signs at the stores that read “Store Baked” or “Made in House”. The lawsuits allege that bread and bakery products “are either pre-baked elsewhere, frozen and reheated, or half-baked prior to sale.” Read more.
  • The nationwide massage chain, Massage Envy, is being targeted by a class action lawsuit estimated at $117 million. What’s the rub? Well, the lawsuit itself for starters. Massage Envy customers sign a contract, which “states that when a member cancels or stops paying, all outstanding prepaid massages are ‘summarily and irreversibly forfeited’.” Gail Hahn filed her lawsuit in California after paying for 23 massages in advance, but only using two. The refund policy may be a pain in the neck, but a multi-million dollar lawsuit because someone didn’t read the fine print? Someone needs to relax! Read more.
  • The fact that Terry Hendrix is incarcerated in a Colorado correctional facility apparently hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm for the Dallas Cowboys. It also hasn’t prevented him from filing an $88 billion lawsuit against National Football League officials for an overturned call in the Cowboy’s recent playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers. Read more.

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